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Saint Francis of Assisi

Restoration Work

Interior of Saint Francis of Assisi Church, as it appeared in the 1950's. (Photo courtesy of Ann Shugrue.)
The photos on this page show the progress of the work done from October 2003 to June 2004 to restore the church's Sanctuary to its original design. All of the work was planned, performed, and paid for by a small group of volunteers.

During 2002 and 2003, the church's support columns were stripped of layers of paint and given a natural finish, and the capitals of the columns were painted gold. Also in this time frame, the Stations of the Cross were restored by painting their frames and carefully repainting the original fancy lettering at their base. All of this work was performed by volunteers from within the parish (and some from other parishes) who exhibited extreme care and dedication to their cause.

Mixed in with the photos of the restoration work are photos of the church interior, taken from the very peak of the arch which frames the sanctuary. This bird's-eye-view perspective has been enjoyed by very few people in the the history of the Church.

031025.0_sm.jpg 031025.1_sm.jpg 031025.2_sm.jpg 031025.3_sm.jpg
031025.4_sm.jpg 031025.5_sm.jpg 031025.6_sm.jpg 031025.7_sm.jpg
031025.8_sm.jpg 031025.9_sm.jpg 031104.0_sm.jpg 031104.1_sm.jpg
031104.2_sm.jpg 031104.3_sm.jpg 031104.4_sm.jpg 031104.5_sm.jpg
031124.0_sm.jpg 031126.0_sm.jpg 031126.1_sm.jpg 031126.2_sm.jpg
031126.3_sm.jpg 031126.4_sm.jpg 031126.5_sm.jpg 031203.0_sm.jpg
031203.1_sm.jpg 031203.2_sm.jpg 031210.0_sm.jpg 031210.1_sm.jpg
031210.2_sm.jpg 031229_sm.jpg 031230.0_sm.jpg 031230.1_sm.jpg
040110.0_sm.jpg 040110.1_sm.jpg 040113_sm.jpg 040313.0_sm.jpg
040313.1_sm.jpg 040313.2_sm.jpg 040605_sm.jpg 040607_sm.jpg
040610_sm.jpg 1950s_interior_sm.jpg