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Saint Francis of Assisi

Social Scene

We have quite a lot of exciting news in the social and event-planning committees! Please choose a project that you would be interested in working on and call or email Claudia DeFrance (346-4792, ).

If you have never been involved in a parish event, we welcome you to join us! Share your ideas, energy, and talent. Hard work, lots of fun, and camaraderie are all guaranteed! C'mon; if you've even been thinking about it, please make the call!

Social Committee

The social committee provides set up, clean up, and refreshments for all the major functions for St. Francis, including First Communion and Confirmation. This past spring, the social committee served over 200 people at the First Communion reception and over 100 people at the Confirmation reception. Your help is needed for this important and very active committee!

Event Planning Committee

This group provides an opportunity for you to make a real difference in the parish. The goal is to have events that involve people beyond our parish. Also, if you have any ideas for innovative events (for example, book signings, walking tours, card parties, etc.), please let us know! We need your ideas and enthusiasm. Eloise Skarb (347-0433) and Claudia DeFrance are co-chairing this committee.


The cookbooks are here!!! The cost is only $10. Please call Claudia DeFrance (346-4792). These cookbooks are chock-full of tantalizing recipes provided by your fellow St. Francis parishioners, and each recipe includes the name of the parishioner who provided it so you can tell them how much you liked it when you see them at mass. (But no talking during mass.) ;-)